The Problem With BackupBuddy

BackupBuddy from iThemes is popular for good reason. It’s one of the best available tools for creating WordPress backups. However despite it’s reliability, maturity and good support, it isn’t perfect.

Making Your Website Fast

Speed Matters Users of the web have ever-increasing expectations. These days users expect content to be delivered swiftly and smoothly, and with as few obstacles as possible. A slowdown measurable in microseconds can affect conversion rates and thus the profitibility of your website. Google made speed an index ranking factor five years ago. Amazon discovered …

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Digital Marketing: Michael Tasner’s “Marketing In The Moment”

Earlier this year Michael Tasner released the second edition of his work on digital marketing, “Marketing In The Moment”. I haven’t finished reading the new edition completely yet. But I can say this about the content I’ve read thus far: It’s great. It’s valuable for anyone who is approaching marketing a business online. It will …

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Gather 2015

The amazing Gather 2015 conference is “The creative community’s big day out”. It’s a fantastic event that draws the web/business community of New Zealand. But it isn’t restricted to technical people. As well as a discussion on web entrepeneuralism and expectations of front-end development, talks included writing for profit, improvised acting and  rapid character creation …

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Mobile-Friendly Sites for Google

Google has communicated very clearly that mobile-friendly websites will be advantaged in search results pages. Delivering to mobile is important enough that Google even offer easy-to-use tools to test how mobile-friendly your website actually is. The Mobile-Friendly Test is provided as a part of Google’s website “Mobile-Friendly Websites”, a resource furnished to developers and people …

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Hello world!

Aaaaand… new website! I’m great at making excuses. And for far too long I’ve been putting off a website rebuild. And when I was rebuilding, I was always finding a reason why the rebuilt site wasn’t good enough to go live. I finally decided that it’s better to have an imperfect site rather then not …

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