Making Your Website Fast

Speed Matters Users of the web have ever-increasing expectations. These days users expect content to be delivered swiftly and smoothly, and with as few obstacles as possible. A slowdown measurable in microseconds can affect conversion rates and thus the profitibility of your website. Google made speed an index ranking factor five years ago. Amazon discovered …

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Free Web Design Resources

A while ago I posted a list of free sources of images for web design. I’ll be using this post to maintain lists of free web design resources and assets.  There will be some commercial sources in this list as well. But I’ll be keeping the emphasis on free materials. The point is to find …

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Mobile-Friendly Sites for Google

Google has communicated very clearly that mobile-friendly websites will be advantaged in search results pages. Delivering to mobile is important enough that Google even offer easy-to-use tools to test how mobile-friendly your website actually is. The Mobile-Friendly Test is provided as a part of Google’s website “Mobile-Friendly Websites”, a resource furnished to developers and people …

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WordPress Hosting on Openshift

Summary: hosting WordPress on Openshift can be a great option for folk with a little tech confidence if you are looking for an cheap option but you don’t want to cut corners on site performance. Choosing wordpress hosting is pretty important: options to consider include customer support from the hosting company, quality of infrastructure, administrative …

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Frontend Tooling: Bourbon Sass

Wherein I compare those things called “frontend frameworks” and hopefully bring Bourbon to the attention of more developers. Following is a light, comparative review of some frontend frameworks. I give a glimpse into the existing landscape. Context: Bootstraps Dominance Presently and for at least two years or so, the most popular “front-end framework” has been …

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Wordpress Security

WordPress and PHP Security

In my recent post on OWASP Day 2015 I remarked that itself takes security seriously. I mentioned the recently-released WordPress Security White Paper and pointed to the documents on hardening WordPress. Of course doesn’t exist in a vacuum and has a tight feedback loop with its wider community. This in itself may be one …

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