WPForms gives back to nonprofits

I love working with NGO’s, nonprofit and activist organisations. And most of the time I build from the WordPress ecosystem. WordPress and nonprofits go well together. WPForms, one of the newer players in WordPress form-builders, is a tool I often deploy for nonprofits and activist websites. The user interface is great for users who are …

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The Problem With BackupBuddy

BackupBuddy from iThemes is popular for good reason. It’s one of the best available tools for creating WordPress backups. However despite it’s reliability, maturity and good support, it isn’t perfect.


A New WordPress Security Plugin: Don’t Believe The Hype – You Can’t Buy Security.

This article gets technical. But I had to write to so I didn’t have to continually repeat the same points during internet discussions of a new WordPress Security Plugin. First, the background: The New WordPress Security Plugin Recently a slick marketing campaign has effectively promoted a new WordPress security plugin. A video promoting the plugin …

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Making Your Website Fast

Speed Matters Users of the web have ever-increasing expectations. These days users expect content to be delivered swiftly and smoothly, and with as few obstacles as possible. A slowdown measurable in microseconds can affect conversion rates and thus the profitibility of your website. Google made speed an index ranking factor five years ago. Amazon discovered …

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