A New WordPress Security Plugin: Don’t Believe The Hype – You Can’t Buy Security.

This article gets technical. But I had to write to so I didn’t have to continually repeat the same points during internet discussions of a …

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How To Improve Your Position In Google’s Search Results

How to improve your search engine results. Conclusions based on Google’s documentation for it’s own staff members.

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Making Your Website Fast

Speed Matters Users of the web have ever-increasing expectations. These days users expect content to be delivered swiftly and smoothly, and with as few obstacles …

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Free Workshop: Websites For Activist And Community Groups

I will be hosting a free workshop on how to build websites for activist and community groups. This workshop will benefit members of such groups …

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Digital Marketing: Michael Tasner’s “Marketing In The Moment”

Earlier this year Michael Tasner released the second edition of his work on digital marketing, “Marketing In The Moment”. I haven’t finished reading the new …

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Gather 2015

The amazing Gather 2015 conference is “The creative community’s big day out”. It’s a fantastic event that draws the web/business community of New Zealand. But …

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