WPForms gives back to nonprofits

I love working with NGO’s, nonprofit and activist organisations. And most of the time I build from the WordPress ecosystem. WordPress and nonprofits go well together.

WPForms, one of the newer players in WordPress form-builders, is a tool I often deploy for nonprofits and activist websites. The user interface is great for users who are still getting used to WordPress as a CMS. It comes with a good range of templates and great customer support. They offer integrations with Stripe and other popular payment gateways.

I’ll often use it for donation requests, newsletter signups and petititions: often the three core functions of a political activist campaign microsite.  On top of that WPForms can be great for event registrations, volunteer signups and visitor polls.

It turns out that WPForms also likes to give back to the community. They have announced a huge discount of 75% off their product for nonprofit organisations.

In order to recieve the discount, nonprofits can apply through the WordPress Forms Nonprofit page.