Workshop: Websites For Activist And Political Groups

update: October 16 2015
This workshop has already taken place.
However, if you would like personal or group training then feel free to get in touch.

The Problem: Your community or activist group needs a public-facing website.


Perhaps you need to publicize your campaigns, publish news or launch an appeal. But your budget is thin and your talent pool doesn’t include web developers.

You are now faced with an array of platform choices and a large volume of new information to learn. As well as getting your site online you have to think about email accounts and lists, security and continuity.

You need help dealing with your choices.

The Good News

You are not breaking new ground. Every problem you are addressing has been solved by people who have gone before you. The path exists beneath the undergrowth.

The Workshop

This two-hour workshop will give you a roadmap.

You will learn the very basics of DNS, hosting, and getting your site online. You’ll be introduced to WordPress as a publishing platform, and mailchimp as a mailing list manager. You’ll be introduced to well-supported, low-cost hosting providers. You’ll come away knowing where to look further for help.

Sign up

The date is yet to be announced, and will be on Thursday evening. The location will be close to the city centre. Seats will be limited.

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