The Brief

Step It Up 2015 is a gathering of progressive organisers, strategists and messaging gurus from across New Zealand. The Center For New Zealand Progress needed a site to announce the conference and it’s identity.

My Approach

Before building the site I worked closely with CNZP to create an online strategy. Once strategy was clear I put a strong emphasis on web performance. The website was built using the Sage framework from Roots and optimized for speed and performance. These vital factors for creating a first impression for users.

I set up custom content management elements to make sure that CNZP could update the site independently. I deployed the site on a fast server and used Amazon Cloudfront to assure the extra speed edge.

After the site was deployed I continued to work with CNZP, ensuring the site supported online and offline marketing campaigns.

The Results

The beautiful and simple site has become a marketing workhorse for the Step It Up 2015 conference. It has been instrumental in publicizing the conference and driving ticket sales.


Centre For New Zealand Progress