Its Our Future is the New Zealand branch of a global campaign to disrupt capitalist dominance of national economies. ┬áThe website at was unmaintained and running on hardware that was poorly fit to the task. The previous web team did excellent work. However, over the years that the site had been online the hosting company hadn’t updated its server configuration. Also, the theme had become a little outdated.

The goal of the project were to improve the overall user experience: the client wanted a site that was fast, much more readable and great at engaging users.

After helping create successful online campaigns for Its Our Future I rebuilt and re-homed the website.

The website was rebuilt with a custom made theme. I used the WordPress ‘Sage’ framework to enable building for speed and performance. Additionally, Sage helps to keep costs down by providing tooling for the development process.

Once the site and all existing content was integrated I moved the site to a new host.

My delivery of the project was greatly helped by Campbell McDuff and the team at Neogine in Wellington. They were fantastic.