The Brief

HiSpec needed to a website that showcased their product and made the company highly visible with Google searches.

My Approach

Before starting to build I did a thorough competition analysis in order to asses what would be involved in competing within Google for relevant search results. I used my discovery in the design of every page.

I built a custom PHP templating system to work efficiently on the hosting solution that Hispec were already leasing. I used the simple templating system as a “front-end”, appearing as a static site in front of a WordPress powered blog.

I processed the beautiful imagery taken for HiSpec by a very skilled photographer. I used the images as centerpieces of simple pages, designed to bring visitors attention directly to the offering of the company.

When creating the designs I created animations to give the site an “alive” dynamic feel.

I processed the images to prevent performance attenuation within the existing hosting infrastructure.


HiSpec now has a beautiful site that performs well on Google. The website assures the credibility of the brand and draws traffic from across the target market.


James Kells