Daryl Roth Advertising

Daryl Roth Advertising is a advertising agency dedicated to serving live entertainment productions in NY. They cover strategic planning, digital asset management, digital advertising, tour brand management and more.

The Brief

Daryl Roth Advertising is a New York City marketing and advertising company focused on the theatre industry. They wanted a website with the following properties:

  • Visually Striking
  • Attractive on mobile, tablet and desktop devices

The purpose of the site was to present both their own unique value offering in a striking way, and also to showcase their work.

My Approach

I took an existing, visually-rich theme, and customised it with the branding ofDaryl Roth Advertising. I took beautiful photography from DRA’s productions and used it as customising elements.

I customised the content management capabilities of the theme to the requirements of DRA. Custom JavaScript code was crafted to override existing theme features to make those features better suit DRA.

I fine-tuned the performance of the existing visually-rich theme.

The Results

Daryl Roth Advertising has boosted it’s already fantastic reputation. By having a beautiful website the presents it’s productions, DRA maintains it’s credibility as one of New Yorks premiere company’s in the domain of live entertainment production.

The use of a pre-existing theme was instrumental in reducing the total overall cost of production.


Daryl Roth Advertising