Sunil Williams

Case study: It’s Our Future NZ


The Brief

It’s Our Future is a grassroots organisation that has coordinated national-level campaigns against unfair trade arrangements.

The organisation needed a complete site rebuild, hosting that could handle sudden and massive global traffic spikes.

The organisation also needed ongoing design and content support for campaigns.

My Approach

I started with the organisations existing brand elements, refined them and redesigned a new site around the refinements.

I built out a new website from the ground up, migrating and enhancing functionality from the old site to the new.

Then I trained the team in the new tools that they’d be using.

The Results

The new digital tooling contributed to the largest series of public protests in New Zealand history.  The website and the it’s connected digital campaigning played their part in mobilising tens of thousands of New Zealands across the country.

The campaigns strengthened New Zealand’s position, resulting in the removal of dangerous terms of trade. Campaign activism contributed to the non-ratification of the Trans Pacific Partnership.

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