Sunil Williams
For organisations working for social change. Community groups. Activists.

I create websites and applications for organisations that are committed to improving the world.

Making a difference in your community is impossible without digital tooling and expertise.

Your organisation exists because you know that people are hungry for change and want find a means to act. Your job is it persuade them that your invitations to action are relevant to them and can have a real impact.

Position your cause with strong design

In a fast-moving, people in your target audience have their attention flooded with demands. You need to connect quickly.

Passion is not enough. Your campaigns need to have strong visual identity and be supported by a strong storytelling framework.


Things for your organisation to consider

Do you need a style guide to keep your brand consistent across media?

What resources do you have available to you?

Do you need a donation system?

How will you create and manage your database of supporters and donors?

How will you generate the content that you need ?

How can you design your content to widen engagement?

How will you keep your donors engaged?

How will you keep your website secure?

I can’t speak too highly of Sunil’s generosity, skill and patience in creating sites that have been perfect for very specific purposes and audiences. On so many occasions. The integrity with which he approaches this work creates a strong relationship of mutual respect and trust.
Jane Kelsey
It's Our Future

Processes and support to make your campaigns succeed so that you can change the world.

What can your cause achieve with the right support?

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